South Sudan, Juba revisited

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South Sudan, Juba revisited Arab Republic of Egypt (Arab Republic of Egypt) basic data Arab Republic of Egypt Flag General situation area About 000,000 square kilometers (about. Times the size of Japan) population ,Ten thousand people (Source: 0 World Bank) capital Cairo People Mainly Arabs (other, a small number of Nubian, Armenians, Greeks, etc.) language Arabic, Spoken English also in urban areas religion Islam, Christianity (Coptic) Short Years short BC century unified dynasty established Roman Empire territory than century BC The Byzantine Empire than century Century Islamization Century Ottoman Empire Embarked on modernization under the Muhammad Ali Pasha of the Ottoman Empire since the early century As an independent country of the monarchy than the year the UK Migration to the republic through a coup by the Free Officers Movement, led by year nacelle Signed a year Israel and the peace treaty. As a result, the ineligibility of the Arab League Year Sadat assassination of President. Mubarak Vice President became the fourth president.

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