South Sudan, Juba revisited

<Southeastern Turkey> realistic way to enjoy security prices ...

South Sudan, Juba revisited realistic way to enjoy security prices attractions & travel Eastern Turkey, has traveled near the Syrian border. Gazuianteppu, it is Şanlıurfa, Mardin, Diyarbakir, Cherumikku, Sivas, such as Divuri. Gazuianteppu, Urfa, Mardin, etc., location from Syria that the current combat state continues as 0km. Of course, there is anxiety in terms of safety. In fact, the danger information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home page, have been specified in the [level] (Please travel stops (travel stop Recommendation)). The author is not a dare type toward the dangerous place. I went still is, to go to a friend recently this place (Sanliurfa and Mardin)'s a [safety, was sooo much fun! ] And because it has been praised solid. [Go and was asked to help everywhere, was even more kind than the Iranians! Both]. I might be a local house was traveling on foot to stay 0 days in Iran. Wherever in the invited to the house to go, because is said to [Go in staying]. (In this regard, [Iran of home tanning, you will!] The Please read by all means!) It is that it is kind than such Iranian people! [This is to go! ] And Omoita' was you.

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